New Zealand


Servicing the cut-to-length industry for Australia and New Zealand


Here you will find photos of various carpet cutting machines

Accu-Cut Archer
Accu-Cut Archer Dash
Standard Arrow
Arrow with optional reverse rolling anti lift roller to prevent the product from lifing the counter's counterweight ensuring accurate measuring of reverse rolled products: eg. for displaying remnants
Accu-Cut Arrow
Accu-Cut Arrow Dash
Accu-Cut Arrow Anti Lift
Australian model version with circular cutter
American model version with slotted blade cutter
Accu-Cut Cross Bow
Accu-Cut Cross Bow Dash
American version Accu-Cut Cross Bow
Accu-Cut Target
Accu-Cut Target Dash
Accu-Cut IVC15
Accu-Cut IVC15 Dash
Accu-Cut IVC16
Accu-Cut IVC16 Dash
Accu-Cut J2
Accu-Cut J2 Dash
Accu-Cut J3
Accu-Cut J3 Dash
Accu-Cut J5
Accu-Cut J5 Dash
Q7 - Standard left hand version - load product on the LH side
Q7R - Optional right hand version - load product on the RH side
Accu-Cut Q7
Accu-Cut Q7 Dash
Accu-Cut Q7R
Accu-Cut Q9
Accu-Cut Q9 Dash
Accu-Cut T12
Accu-Cut T12 Dash
Shown with optional core dispenser
Early model version dash layout and keypad
Late model version dash layout and keypad
Accu-Cut X33
Accu-Cut X33 Early Model Dash
Accu-Cut X33 Late Model Dash

EZ-Cut Mk JR
EZ-Cut Mk JR Dash
EZ-Cut Mk2
EZ-Cut Mk2 Dash
EZ-Cut Mk4
EZ-Cut Mk4 Dash
EZ-Cut Mk6
EZ-Cut Mk6 Dash
Early model version dash layout and keypad
Late model version dash layout and touchscreen
EZ-Cut Mk7
EZ-Cut Mk7 Dash Early Version
EZ-Cut Mk7 Dash Later Version
EZ-Cut Mk10
EZ-Cut Mk10 Dash
EZ-Cut Mk100
EZ-Cut Mk100 Dash
EZ-Cut VC66
EZ-Cut VC66 Dash

CTS - Gyson
CTS - Gyson Compact
CTS - Gyson Compact Dash
Oliver Dash
Beer HB400 L
Schneider / Beer
Schneider / Beer
Accu-Cut / Vidir
Intertex - Shown with cutting machine
Accu Cut Paternoster
Intertex Paternoster

Accu-Cut, Dart, Dual Cradle, Lino Cutter, Sprint, Wire Carousel, IVC5, T12, X22, T44, X77, Core Dispensers, Feed Tables, Feeding Tables, Conveyor Tables, Plastic Wrappers
EZ-Cut EC 1, EZ-Cut EC JR, EZ-Cut Mk 1, EZ-Cut Mk 3, EZ-Cut Mk5
CTS - Gyson Elite

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