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Servicing the cut-to-length industry for Australia and New Zealand


We are the Australian and New Zealand specialists in installing, commissioning, training, maintaining, servicing, repairing and spares/parts suppliers for carpet cutting machines, vinyl cutting machines, turf cutting machines and carousels (sometimes called Paternosters).

We also provide free over the phone support for existing clients which is often enough to get your machine back up and running. In the event that the phone call support doesn't get your machine back up and running, we can then organise a site visit to fix your problem. We understand that once your machine is broken, you want it repaired fast, so we prioritise down time repairs.

We offer maintenance/service schedules anywhere from every 3 months up to every 2 years or on an as needed basis. A new machine up to a few years old is often ok with maintenance/service every 12 months. With older machines we suggest it is better suited to maintenance/service every 9 months. High volume machines are often better suited to being maintained/serviced every 6 months, every 4 months or every 3 months.

We keep all common components and spares in stock. We also pre order components where a scheduled major overhaul is called for.

Some of our clients are Carpetworld, Carpet Call, Carpet Court, Carpet One, Choices, Floorworld, GMK, MJS, Polyflor, just to name a few.

We do not request payment up front. We allow our clients 14 days to pay on completion of works.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for your carpet cutting machine, vinyl cutting machine, turf cutting machine and carousel maintenance, servicing, training and repair requirements.

Some of the more common carpet, vinyl and turf cutting machines and carousels that we regularly work on are:

Accu-Cut, Beer, Brockie International, Cooper, CTS, EZcut, Gyson, Intertex, Oliver, Porter's Engineering, Vidir

Please note that we do not sell brand new machines although occassionally we are advised of used second hand machines that are up for sale. See our Marketplace page for used second hand machines currently for sale. For brand new machines we recommend Simon Burrows at MJS for Accu-Cut, Nathan Carroll at Intafloors and Paul Hartle at FIS Distributors for EZ Cut and Ugo Tettamanti of QEP / AFS for CTS - Gyson.

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