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Servicing the cut-to-length industry for Australia and New Zealand


Back in the 1990's, John Powell started Sutikely, an installation and maintenance business for carpet cutting machines, operating from Boronia in Victoria, travelling the country of Australia and even going across to New Zealand.

As time went on, John built up an excellent rapport with the machine manufacturers as well as building up his own expertise, to provide a second to none service and support to Australia and New Zealand for carpet cutting machines.

In 2018, John retired, selling Sutikely to Rod Lamont, who is also based in Melbourne.

Rod continues on what John built up and Rod continues to enhance the services provided by Sutikely. As you can see from this website, Sutikely now provides simplified documents and procedures on carpet cutting machines. As we are a small entity, we see patterns across all of the machines and pick up manufacturing issues and bugs which we then work with the manufacturers to rectify. And due to this website, we have now assisted two English companies with troubles on their carpet cutting machines. So we can now say that Sutikely is International!

Sutikely keeps a database of all carpet cutting machines and their services, checking when each machine is due for a service. Sutikely then contacts the client to advise that a service is due on their machine. (Our clients do not have to remember when their next service is due, due to our database.) The client can then accept or defer the service. Because of this database we can also provide a history of each machine that we have attended over the years.

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