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Sutikely wishes to apologise to our New Zealand clients. Your Federal Government is failing to understand the importance of industrial machine safety, maintenance and repairs and is basically refusing to allow your machines to be serviced and maintained so that you can continue to comply with Worksafe and other industrial legislation regarding machine operation, safety and personnel safety. We are doing all that we can to assist you to keep your machines in a safe and compliant condition however this hasn't been able to be achieved yet due to the above failures of your government. Once again, we apologise.
Sutikely takes Covid-19 seriously. Because of this, Sutikely has developed processes, procedures and documentation to minimise the risks associated with the contracting of and of the transmission of Covid-19.

As part of being a responsible and pro active company in this Covid-19 world, Rod Lamont has also had thirty-nine tests for Covid-19, one in July, two in August, two in September, two in October, one in November and two in December 2020, one in January, two in February, two in March, three in April, two in May, four in June, four in July, four in August and seven in September 2021 with all tests coming back Negative. Presenting for these tests was only for confirmation or as a condition of a cross border permit, not due to any symptoms.

Rod Lamont and all of his household contacts have been fully vaccinated with immediate family and close friends either fully vaccinated or in the process of being fully vaccinated.

Here you will find links to various documents including some forms for use with complying with our Covid-19 requirements. We require some completed forms from our clients before a site visit by Sutikely.

Sutikely's Covid-19 processes and procedures documentation (.pdf)
Sutikely's Covid-19 Questionnaire (.pdf)
Download file, have an authorised officer fill this out circling
the answers and filling in your company name, site address, name
of officer, signature of officer on both pages, date and then
email document to Sutikely.
Covid-19 Company Letterhead Service/Repair Request Pro-formers (.docx)
Download file, copy to your company letterhead, modify the text
where necessary to make it compatible with your business, add a
signoff, date and sign and then email document to Sutikely.

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