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EZ-Cut cutter motors failing - April 2019

Over the last 18 months we have replaced 3 EZ-Cut cutter motors due to the failure of the motor's armature spline. Excessive and increased wear can occur if cutting blades are not rotated or replaced frequently, causing the cutter motor to work harder and wear out more quickly. Cutting blades should be rotated or replaced every day or every couple of days. For tougher products, replacement may be required a couple of times per day. Due to the cutter motor not being manufactured anymore, we are having to replace the existing motor with a different motor, requiring mounting modifications and fabrication, greatly adding to the cost of replacing the cutter motor.

Accu-Cut Sensors Not Detecting Dark Coloured Backing - March 2019

We have recently discovered an issue with Accu-Cut IVC15, Q9, IVC16, X33, T12 and T44 cutting machines. These machines use sensors to detect product to align and measure product. Since the introduction of turf, it has been found that the sensors are having trouble detecting turf due to the dark coloured backing. We are looking for a better sensor that can detect product no matter how light or dark the backing is. Until then, be cautious when using dark coloured backing on these machines as the machine may not work or measure correctly.

Accu-Cut T12 Belts Rubbing Together - March 2019

We have recently discovered an issue with Accu-Cut T12 Turf Cutting Machines. The T12 has a drive transmission belt and associated bracketry to drive the inner squeeze roller on the roll up side. Under some conditions the opposite sides of this belt touches together resulting in a bang. The current solution is to remove this belt to stop the banging. We are in contact with the manufacturer to resolve this issue.

Accu-Cut Cut Counter Suddenly Jumps By 60,000 When It Hits 100,000 Cuts - December 2018

We have recently discovered a bug in the Accu-Cut machines with a Maple Systems OIT3165 Interface that artificially inflates the cut count by 60,000 each time the cut counter counts up above each 100,000 cuts. This affects Accu-Cut Arrow, IVC15, Q7, Q9 and T12 machines. If your machine hasn't achieved 100,000 cuts yet, this bug doesn't have any effect on the cut count. We are in contact with the manufacturer trying to get a software update to fix this bug. As soon as we get the update, we will fix all of the Maple Interface machines as we attend to them on their regular maintenance cycle.

Accu-Cut Machine Asking For Password When First Turning On - December 2018

We have known for many years now that Accu-Cut Arrow, IVC15, Q7, Q9 and T12's occassionally ask for a password (even though a password might not be set in the machine) when turning the machine on from an overnight or longer break. Upon entering a valid password the machine keeps going back to Enter Password. We believe we have found the cause and will fix all of the above machines as we attend to them on their regular maintenance cycle. If this happens to your machine, give us a call and we will get you back up and running over the phone.

Accu-Cut X33 Power Rating Issue - June 2018

We recently discovered that at some point around six years ago from about 2012, the wrong power supply rating was stated on Accu-Cut X33 machines built since then and up until just recently. All Accu-Cut X33 machines are rated at 30 amps. It is advised that if your machine is relatively new, it may not have been installed correctly, due to incorrect labelling. We strongly suggest that all Accu-Cut X33 machines are upgraded to a 30 amp supply, if a 30 amp supply wasn't originally provided. As a note, all Accu-Cut IVC-16 and T44 are also rated at 30 amps and the supply for Accu-Cut IVC-16 and T44 should also be a 30 amp supply. We have new labelling to be fitted to the machines that were incorrectly labelled which we will fit as we do the regular maintenance on the affected machines.

Air Compressor Maintenance - May 2018

While we do not provide air compressor maintenance at this stage, some carpet cutting machines use an air compressor to supply air to those machines that are air operated and for other machines for cleaning purposes.

It has come to our attention that Worksafe Victoria is now requiring that air compressors are externally serviced every 2 years and that the air tanks are internally inspected every 4 years.

Pallet Racking Labelling - May 2018

While we do not provide pallet racking, it has come to our attention that Worksafe Victoria now requires load rating labelling on all pallet racking.

Accu-Cut Q7 Roll Improver Not Working On Some Machines - July 2017

We have found that for some Accu-Cut Q7 machines, the roll improver doesn't work. We know what the cause is and we are fixing it as we come across this fault. Please contact us if your machine has this fault.
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